James’ work features a unique sense of composition, space, and a bold use of colours to appeal to our sense of tactility, portraying scenes of beauty, romance and sexuality.

His striking portraits and editorials have been featured in magazines including GQ Style, British GQ, Document Journal, British Vogue, Vogue Italia, L’Uomo Vogue, ManAboutTown, ShowStudio, KingKong, KingKong Garçon, 10 Magazine, 10 Men, Glass Magazine, Essential Homme and RAIN Magazine.

Clients; Prada, LV, John Smedley, Canali, Hugo Boss, Stella McCartney, Farfetch, Dundas, Hublot, Net-A-Porter, Desmond&Dempsey,
Charles Jeffrey, Gareth Pugh,
Matches Fashion,
Browns Fashion, l’Estrange, YSC, Netflix,
Choose Love.